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You have the right to live 120 years

We know it sounds amazing, almost too good to be true. But the most recent scientific studies show it is already possible to do just that.

By developing™ pharma-grade longevity nutraceuticals we focus solely on this goal - to prolong the quality of life. So you could unleash your full potential and live 120 years strong.

To achieve this goal, we’ve built a dedicated laboratory where we extract and synthesize the highest purity, lab-verified quality ingredients available today anywhere.

Using the latest breakthroughs in science, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the most efficient ways to extend your lifespan and healthspan.

Join us on this wonderful 120-year journey. Claim your right to a long and fulfilling life.

After all, age is just a number we can renegotiate.

Unmatched, scientifically proven quality

While the supplement industry is not much regulated, we take many extra steps ourselves, to deliver you the most innovative, most potent longevity products.

By that, we mean conducting vigorous testing in our own and third-party labs to verify the quality and purity of ingredients. Also, we do human testing to scientifically prove the effectiveness of every single product we deliver.

We are totally serious here.

While you can find a lot of longevity mushrooms being sold as powder, we use only extracts, that make our nutraceuticals up to 18x more potent than competition.

With the NAD+ booster purity of 99,89% supported by laboratory tests, we are sure to deliver premium quality, pharma-grade longevity nutraceuticals at the pinnacle of science.

That’s what happens when actual scientists start working on nutraceuticals.

120 years into the future

While the idea of living 120 years definitely excites us, we can’t outlive the planet.

So we use only biodegradable packaging and sustainable processes for manufacturing.

By offering refills for future orders, we encourage you to reuse and refill the packaging, minimizing waste and further reducing the environmental footprint.

All our products are certified organic. They contain no heavy metals, no pesticides, no artificial colours, no fillers, no GMO’s.

They’re all vegan and produced in our laboratory far from the city.

By using our products you can rest assured that not only you but also the planet will thrive 120 years and beyond.

Forever young

Do not forget, every day could be your best day.

Join us on our quest to revolutionize ageing, and rediscover youth. So you could finally say: “I feel alive. Don’t stop me now. 'Cause I'm having a good time!”

Unlock the secret to a longer, vibrant life. Join the 120 tribe.™

Sharp. Focused. Energetic. So you.


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