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Unveiling the art of crafting premium medicinal mushroom nutraceuticals

Unveiling the art of crafting premium medicinal mushroom nutraceuticals

At the heart of our commitment lies an intricate process meticulously designed to harness the full potential of medicinal mushrooms. From the careful harvest to the final product, every step is orchestrated to deliver superior quality and maximum health benefits.

Maximising the Health Benefits

Our emphasis on sustainability, careful processing, and differentiation between powdered and extracted forms showcases a comprehensive understanding of maximising the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

The utilisation of various techniques to preserve and extract vital components while ensuring sustainability underlines a commitment to quality and efficiency in production. The certifications of your production sites further reinforce our commitment to maintaining high standards in the industry.

Careful Harvesting and Gentle Drying

Our journey begins with the careful harvesting of high-quality mushrooms. Each variety demands a unique drying approach to retain vital polysaccharides. While some bask under the sun, others find solace in traditional drying facilities.

But our commitment doesn’t end there; the sustainability loop closes as wood from cultivation fuels our operations, and its ashes enrich the fields as fertiliser.

Precision in Processing and Grinding

Post-harvest, the entire fruiting bodies of these medicinal wonders undergo a meticulous grinding process. Varieties dictate their treatment—some demand rough chopping or multiple grinding cycles to achieve the perfect finesse. The "shellbroken" technique ensures an ultra-fine powder, enhancing bioavailability and nutrient retention.

Powder vs. Extract: Unravelling the Nutritional Essence

While you can find a lot of longevity mushrooms being sold as powder, we use only extracts, that make our nutraceuticals up to 18x more potent than the competition.

Our mushroom extracts are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant metabolites. With minimal fat content, they are rich sources of essential minerals and trace elements vital for nerve function, muscle contraction, and bone health.

The extract, obtained through an elaborate extraction process, also packs a punch with higher concentrations of polysaccharides, enhancing their absorption by the body.

The Meticulous Art of Production

Our production sites in Germany and Austria stand as beacons of quality, certified with ISO 22.000, GMP, IFS, and organic certifications. These standards underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

Crafting Nature’s Best

Our approach is a delicate dance between preservation and extraction, ensuring that every product encapsulates the essence of these medicinal marvels.

By prioritising sustainability, maximising bioavailability, and maintaining stringent production standards, we deliver nature's bounty in its purest form—offering you the gateway to optimal health through premium medicinal mushroom supplements.

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